Top 8 Pond Pump Solar – Pompes pour fontaines

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1. Delaman

Delaman Solar Pond Pump Pompe de Fontaine Solar Power Floating Fountain Water Pump for Garden Pond Pool Fish Tank

Delaman - Facile À utiliser - ce type de pompe à eau flottante est capable de flotter dans l'eau, donc pas besoin d'installer la pompe et facile à déplacer. Application - convient pour diverses occasions, comme le bain d'oiseaux, la décoration de jardin, l'aquarium, le petit étang, la circulation de l'eau pour l'oxygène.

Conomisez l'Énergie - cette pompe de fontaine avec panneau solaire très efficace, alimentée par l'énergie solaire, aucune batterie ou électricité requise pour économiser de l'énergie et de l'argent. Choix idÉal - la pompe démarre automatiquement en 3 secondes lorsque la lumière du soleil est suffisante, très pratique à utiliser. SpÉcifications multiples - notre pompe à eau peut connecter les différentes buses, la hauteur du jet d'eau sera différente, vous pouvez changer selon vos besoins.
La taille5.2 cm (2.05 Pouces)
Longueur12 cm (4.72 Pouces)
Largeur12 cm (4.72 Pouces)
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2. Deinaty

Deinaty Solar Fountain 3.5W Outdoor Garden Fountain Water Fountain Garden Decor Mini Water Pump Pond Pump/Pool Fountain for Outdoor Pond Pump Modern Fountain Kit

Deinaty - Scenarios - patent calendula shape, aquarium, small size and high power feature flexible use for birdbath, pond and swimming pool. Eco-friendly - solar powered, no battery or electricity needed. Versatile - floating water pump is suitable for bird bath, small pond, garden decoration, fish tank, water circulation for oxygen, etc. Easy to clean - keep the water, panel and pump clean to make sure nothing sticks to the panel or blocks the pump. Automatically works in 3s when there is enough sunlight. 6 nozzles - 6 replacement nozzles allow you to choose fountain water models at will.
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3. Iwinna

1.4W Circle Garden Solar Water Pump Solar Powered Water Pump, Iwinna Solar Fountain Pump, Floating Fountain Pump for Birdbaths Or Ponds Birdbath & Stand Not Included

Iwinna - Quick start-up:just put the fountain pump on the water and under the sun, then it will turn on and work automatically in 5 seconds. Free to move to different place at will, just place it on the water, no need to install the pump. Environmental and convenient: solar powered water pump is driven by direct sunlight, when the sunlight shines on panel, The pump will sprinkle automatically.

Making your yard look so amusingly decorated by the solar water feature. Multi-application: the solar fountain is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration and water circulation for oxygen. Beautify your garden: solar water fountain comes with 5 nozzles in different sizes, butterflies and other small animals will be attracted to here, Choose any one spray water pattern you like.

Easily use/move/clean: floating free standing, solar pond pump will Works perfectly after gained enough sunshine. No battery needed. It is an eco friendly solar pump and saves money and vivy your garden. Remove the nozzle and clean It easily regularly to guarantee wonderful spraying effect. Birds, makes your garden more dynamic and beautiful. Your garden would definitely catch all the attention of the passers-by.
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4. Deinaty

Deinaty 2.4W Solar Fountain Pump Solar Pump Water Fountain kit Garden Pool Solar Power Fountain Pump for Garden and Patio Pond Pool

Deinaty - Beautify your gardenthe solar fountain is equipped with 4 nozzles of different sizes, choose any spray pattern you like. Birds, butterflies and other small animals will be drawn here to make your garden more vibrant and beautiful.

The sunlight stronger, the fountain works better. No battery or power is required. Multi-purpose solar fountain is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, garden decoration and oxygen water circulation. Water shortage protection: when there is no water in the pool, small pond, it will automatically stop working and protect the panel from damage. Environmentally friendly the solar water pump is driven by direct sunlight.

Usage tips keep enough water and keep the water, panel and pump clean to ensure nothing shades the panel or block the pump. Long lifeour solar panel edge has edge sealing treatment, avoiding water seepage and extending the use time, double protection, saving you more money. When the sun shines on the panel, the pump will automatically sprinkle water.
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HZWLF Pond Garden Solar Fountain Pump Floating

HZWLF - Recommendations: 1- make sure enough water into the fountain, so that the pump can be completely under water. 2- solar panels must be fully exposed to the sun, the panel surface may not have leaves or other shelter. 3-- periodically clean the pump to avoid blocking the pump.

Decoration cute decoration: the fountain to make your solar bird baths, fish tank, garden special. Automatic operation will cause the attention of passers. Fountain flow not only make your yard more active, small pond, but also to maintain the water cycle in oxygen. Built high performance lithium polymer battery. After the battery is fully charged, it can work 4-6 hours. Water can be charged during the day. Built-in water level monitoring system can automatically stop working when the bottom of the sensor can not touch the water in order to prevent idling pumps life products has been greatly affected.

Function convenient functional design: very light weight, can float on water and is faint the wind. Once the solar panel for sunlight, it will work automatically. Solar fountain : completely powered by solar energy, there is no outlet. The stronger the sunlight, the better, absolutely environmental protection and energy saving.
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6. Iwinna

Iwinna Solar Powered Pond Pump 2W Solar Water Pump Power Panel Kit Fountain Pool Garden Pond Square 150L/H

Iwinna - Make use of solar energy, need no extra power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Polycrystalline silicon, Long service life. Easy usage and operation. Quick start, High efficiency. High quality, Stable performance.
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HZWLF Pond Garden Solar Fountain Pump 1.5W Water with Battery Backup,Water for Bird Bath,Back Yard

HZWLF - It comes with 4 nozzles in different sizes, choose any one spray water pattern you like. No need for battery or electricity, maximum 70cm height solar water pump with 4 different nozzles. Create relaxing atmosphere running at a whisper-quiet level, which gives you a quiet environment even with one in your bedroom.

Easy to install and use, the motor inside produces no noise, 3 strong suction cups suit both vertical or horizontal mounting firmly onto the. Easily use/floating /environmental 1. 4w solar fountain, it will start in 3 seconds. Eco-friendly powered by solar, that provides a longer service life and lower energy consumption. Floating free standing there is a foam board, If the solar panel gets enough power, just put the pump well on the water, no cables needed, 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Advanced solar fountain pump solar water fountain pump with monocrystalline solar panel, In the enough sunlight automatically pumps water, new solar panels that work even with blocking leaves. Water sprays constantly, floating water pump sprinkles automatically once the sunlight shines on the panel, that not only attracts birds to drink in the birdbath, but also brings joy to children while playing in the pool and garden.
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8. Aibyks

1.4/3W Garden Solar Fountain Pump Pond, for Pond, Floating Solar Fountain Pump with Colorful Lights, Aibyks Solar Water Fountain Pump, Garden Decoration

Aibyks - The led light and the water pump work simultaneously for about 4 hours. With 1500 mah lithium battery, it brings more stable and longer working time to the fountain. Spray height is 30-50cm. Bring you more joy. Wide application: this new type of solar pump fountain is very suitable for bird nest, lawn, terrace, swimming pool, garden, fish tank, small pond, oxygen circulation.

No tools are needed, so there is no worry. Simple installation: just put the pump in the water, and the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, and the fountain automatically sprays water within 3 seconds. Built-in battery: the solar fountain features the built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery, can spray water while charging during the day, and it features the battery life: 3-4 hours, no matter cloudy or sunny.

When the solar panel does not sense sunlight, it will start the night mode. Excellent durability: the new solar fountain has a power of 1. 4w and low self-consumption. Water level monitoring: the built-in water level monitoring system can automatically stop working when the bottom sensor does not reach the water, to prevent the pump idling from having a large impact on the life of the product. The product has 4 LED lights and colored lights.
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